Friday, December 4, 2009

Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage

Saw on newspaper months back that Thomas the Tank Engine will be performing in Singapore and without delay, we got the tickets to this little boy's favourite show.

We only told him about it yesterday as we do not want him to "wait" so long to meet the engine Live. I told him that he has to be a good boy in order to watch Thomas and I'm proud to say he is. He kept telling me the whole day that he is a good boy, so can I bring him to watch Thomas?

Though its not in cartoon form, but little darling enjoys every single moments, especially when Thomas and Percy appeared.


Angeline said...

If Mommy don't bring him, little Nicholas will keep (bugging) asking non-stop ya? *giggle*

Somehow I think, even if Nicholas was not a good boy that day, Mommy has ALREADY made up her mind to bring him there.... *giggle*

Meekfreek said...

He's such a good handsome too!

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - you read me! hahaha..I just want him to know that this is a reward for being good.

Meekfreek - thanks

Pet said...

My daughter would have enjoyed it too! Glad Nicholas had a good time... hope it stays in his memory for a long time to come.

Angie said...

hahaha!! we do the same to our kids! i will look out for good things jaimie did and justify my rewards for her. :D


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