Sunday, June 13, 2010

Phuket - Day 1

A short break which we nearly didn't make it...

Was so busy the days leading to the departure and I overlook / misread the departure time. The departure time from SG was 8am but I had "speed read" the booking confirmation and thought the time to be 8.55am (which was our arrival time in Phuket.) So we were 15 minutes late and gate had closed...Yes, we missed our scheduled flight because of my carelessness...

In order not to disappoint the children, we frantically hunted around for the next cheapest available flight and was so glad Air Asia had one flying at 1pm. Was so lucky hubby wasn't angry! *phew*


Nicholas was certainly very excited to get on the plane though its not his first time on a plane.

Its Ryan's first....And he coped with the "air pressure" very well, just like Nicholas. I was quite worried that Ryan might cry when the plane take off or land, but nope, he didn't and was enjoying the flight as much as the 3.

By the time we cleared the custom and out of the Phuket airport, its close to 3pm. Got on to a taxi which supposed to send us to our hotel but the driver stopped midway claiming that he needed to take something. Then, a woman approached us and started introducing tour package to us. Since we had not book any, went down to check out the price. After some bargaining, we booked a Kayaking tour.

So by the time we got to Hotel Ibis (the hotel we are staying), its already 5pm.

We had booked a family room and it comes with a bunk bed for the children and even a Play-station! The soft toys were from hotel too.

The 2 girls can't wait to choose their bed and both wanted the top!

Ryan was happy just to be able to get down, stretch his muscle and crawl freely on the floor after being carried almost the whole day!

Too late to do anything. So hubby suggested he will take the 3 kids down to the pool while helper and I with Ryan unpacked the luggage.

Came down to join them once we done unpacking.

Have a sumptuous dinner before we head back to our room. The 3 kids spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV playing with the Play-station.


mommy to chumsy said...

oh...a getaway. how nice :) i like the bunk beds. can't wait to read more of your trip :D

jen cheung said...

woah! a getaway! this is what i need right now!!!! :( yes another one! hahaha

jen @

Blessed mum said...

we really need a getaway once in a while.. :) a recharge before another long journey :)

Angeline said...

OMG! I went Phuket too!
Probably on a different date though....
Your room looks great!


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