Monday, June 14, 2010

Phuket Day 2

Everyone woke up pretty early today and was eager to head down KATA beach for some water/sand play. We took the hotel's shutter service down Kata Beach and appointed for them to pick us up at 11am.

Very peaceful and clean beach..just like Gold Coast. We were the only one there...think its too early for the beach goers. We walked around checking out for sea activities but were disappointed to find NONE! Was told that its the low season now, only Coral Island has the sea sports.

Nonetheless, the 2 girls couldn't resist the beautiful sea and dragged their daddy down the water with them.

Nicholas was afraid of the gashing waves and preferred to stay back and play with the super fine sand.

Ryan, completely opposites of Nicholas, was happily getting his legs splashed by the waves!

Back to our hotel for a change, but not before a game of pool at the hotel lobby for the 2 girls.

With nothing plan for the day (we had wanted a no-rush holiday), we booked the hotel transport and went to a shooting range. Nicholas was so excited to see all the guns on display and couldn't wait for his turn.

Since the kids were too young, they can only use the BB gun (I think so). It made no different for them anyway. The girls getting ready for their first Shot!

Rachel being the eldest got to go first.

Next was Charmaine.

And last, comes Nicholas!

Proudly showing off their "result"

Where's Ryan? He was out watching the real gun shooting.

Next, we walked over to the Go-Kart Mart (just next door).

Next, the driver took us to a seafood restaurant by the beach and we had a super late lunch. Everyone was super hungry! I've never seen the girls eat so fast before!

After a nice lunch, we went for Elephant ride. Initially, wasn't sure if Nicholas was gamed enough to ride as it can be a little scary when the elephant goes down the slope/hill but I was wrong! He enjoys it and was laughing so loudly!

View from the top of the hill..

Ryan was sleeping at first but woken up by Nicholas's laughter and he too enjoys the ride.

Our last stop for the day is at their "Peak". A nice place with great view!

My sister and her family just got to the hotel when we're back. The kids went for a dip in the pool before we head for dinner.


jen cheung said...

looks like a really fun day with the family :) i miss the beach. theres not much beaches here in toronto!!


BoeyJoey said...

I love how little Baby Ryan enjoyed the beach so much... look at hos precious smiles! I'm also mpressed that all of them shot so well! Looks like a very fun holiday for the family :-D.

mommy to chumsy said...

what a fun trip. the lil one looked so happy in the water :D hey, your girls are so pretty and photogenic :)

Angeline said...

Aiyo! So fun!!!
The girls shooting is really good!


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