Saturday, June 19, 2010

School Update #5 & Father's Day Gift

This week, the school did activities revolving around the Father's Day theme and they talked about how it comes about.

Nicholas' school Father's Day project. A cup decorated with paints and cut outs..hee..compared to the Mother's Day gift from him, I think mine is way better! Smarty

The highlight of the week was the baking activity. The children were very excited to help mix the ingredients, knead the dough and to roll them into small balls. The end product was shared during snack time.

To encourage letter recognition, they did an interesting "alphabet soup" collage activity. The children colored a 2D bowl using crayons, painted it with some glue then pasted Alphabet macaroni on it.

The weather has been rather unpredictable lately and thus, the teachers created new indoor games for the children to play, our current favorite is the "fishing game", the children will cheer each other on as they attempt to hook the fishes using the rods.

And when the weather permit, they went outdoor where they worked on the children's balancing skills by arranging the wooden stumps in a row and getting the children to walk from one to the other without any assistance. It was quite a challenge for Nicholas initially but he soon found his courage and master the skill.


jencheung said...

very very very nice :) he's gonna be an artist one day :)


K said...

i really love your son's school!

Blessed mum said...

K - your home school's activities is even better than the school! Wish I had that kind of energy to do what you are doing with your kids!

BoeyJoey said...

Nicholas' school is very "rounded"... very interesting too! Kids learn best when they are relaxed and happy. I wish my son could have been exposed to all these as well in school :-).


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