Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ryan @ 14months old

Its been really quite a while since I did any update on Ryan. Been so busy the past 2 months coaching the girls with their SA1 and then work and followed by the girls' school holiday. School holiday is the busiest for mommy!!!

Back to Ryan, he still not "talking" and still toothless! But can see his 2 bottom teeth are on their way out any time. Even the 4 upper teeth are getting ready to cut the gum once the bottom tooth are out.

He had started to walk a few steps without support and definitely much naughtier! Nicholas was a far cry from this rascal!! Ryan is only 14 months and had displayed the terrible 2 symptoms already! He would cry and scream if he didn't get his way! He even pushes the korkor away when he wants to take korkor's toy. Luckily, Nicholas is understanding enough not to fight with him and let him have it.

He loves the sand and the sea! While we were in Phuket, Nicholas clinged on to daddy while we waded into the water to feed the fish but Ryan was enjoying himself so much with the waves splashing unto him.

The 2 jiejies said he is as stubborn as a mule but they loves him nonetheless. He always make us laugh with his cheeky action, just like Nicholas.

Lastly, he was once a "kisser"..kissing me all the times but now, even when I offer bribe, he won't kiss sad!


Pet said...

My boy is 26 mths n still not talking... only certain words. Not even sentenc yet! Boys are much slower ya?

Happy 14mths to Ryan!

Mom Daughter Style said...

you have a great mommy blog, your little boy is so cute. my daughter is almost 18 months now.

Leona said...

haven't seen Ryan in a while...
so cute. his face has changed.

I think kids nowadays... so advanced... that the terrible twos come early. My ally also displaying signs of tantrums so early...

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy 14 months old :) he looks different a big boy :D

LZmommy said...

Terrible 2? So fast? He was a good boy that day when I saw him :)

He heard you that day! :D Now his teeth all coming out! :D

BoeyJoey said...

Happy 14 months old, Ryan!

Younger ones will usually bully ther elder ones... like my kiddos too :-)

Blessed mum said...

Pet - yup..boys are sure a lot slower :)

Leona - think we have to attribute their temper to the year they were born...thanks to the year of Ox..

Mom Daughter style - thanks for dropping by :)

LZmommy - i was hoping his teeth could come out before our trip but...

BoeyJoey - guess they know they'll not get into trouble at this stage :)


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