Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phuket Day 3 - Kayakying

Today is the "highlight" of our Phuket trip. We are going Kayakying!! This is Rachel's second experience, her first was when she was only 3 yrs old with us.

Everyone up on the "shutter lorry" which takes us from the waiting area to the boat.

This is our boat where we will be spending the whole day on...

Our first stop was the famous James Bond Island and the ride there was super long. Simple breakfast was serve on board. Family photo without Ryan (he asleep).

The kids really enjoy the ride...

Finally, got to our first destination. Its really nothing much, I would say a waste of time there. We finished the "cave" and out in less than 10 minutes.

Our next stop will be going into caves which is really the exciting part! The entrance of the caves are narrow and low and at some point, we have to lie flat to get through with our nose just millimeters away from the sharp rocks!

I was worried that Nicholas and Ryan will be frightened (Nicholas is very afraid of dark) but surprisingly, Nicholas enjoys it! I can even hears his laughter when we were going through the dark tunnel. Ryan was sleeping during the initial stage but woke up when we were in the middle of the narrow tunnel. He cried a little and was struggling to get up but I have to pinned him down which made him angry and cry even louder.

Can you see Nicholas's smile?

Like this shot. Nicholas look as if he was the sailor on the marine ship looking out for enemy Goofy

Father and daughter went down for a dip in the sea water. The water is very salty and Charmaine was complaining that it made her eyes very painful.

This is the inside of another island/cave...a very beautiful paradise...while in there, hubby and I can't help wondering what will happen to us if there's a tsunami now...There's no way to run, only way is to climb up the steep hill which is impossible...

The girls posing in front of the "shutter" lorry just before we bid good bye and head back to our hotel.

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