Friday, August 20, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #13

This week, the kids continued with the discussion on the second part of the topic "Water transport". New words like ship, aircraft carrier, submarine, anchor and porthole were introduced and explained.

An anchor is a heavy object, often made out of metal that is used to attach a ship to the bottom of a body of water at a specific point to act as a weight to keep the ship from moving.

A porthole is a small, generally circular, window used on the hull of ships to admit light and air. Porthole is actually an abbreviated term for "port hole window".

A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation below the surface of the water. It differs from a submersible, which has only limited underwater capability.

A ship is a large vessel that floats on water. Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on size and cargo or passenger capacity.

An aircraft carrier is a military ship designed to act as a seagoing airbase.

They also did a tricky visual discrimination activity involving several rows of geometric shapes in various positions and with different designs and a worksheet on this topic.

They did two interesting activities that the children thoroughly enjoyed too. First, a "dancing raisins" experiment using carbonated soda water and raisins. The children loved watching the raisins float and sink vigorously in the container, making it look like they are dancing!

Second, a "swimming fish" snack. For snack, the children mixed the cream cheese with some blue food coloring, spread it on a vegetable cracker then placed colorful cheddar cheese fish biscuits onto it. Yummy!

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