Friday, August 6, 2010

Nicholas's school update #11

This week is National Day themed week. The children learned information about our National flower- Vanda Miss Joaquim, our flag, coat of arms, pledge and National anthem as well.

They repeated a tracing and drawing activity that the children had done during the earlier part of the year and the children has shown marked improvements.

They explored flowers such as the orchid, gerbera and chrysanthemum. The children sniffed it, touched it and "dissected" it too. Basically the children ripped it apart!

We then used the petals to create a collage that was displayed during our National Day celebration.

Watching the fighter jet flew past during one of the outdoor play and the children were thrilled!

On Friday, the centre celebrated National Day with the children and the kids did some cookery.

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Alice Law said...

How fun to mingle science with play together, such a nice kindie!


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