Monday, August 9, 2010

Ryan @ 16 months

Things he can do:

1. Can walk very well now, sometimes even "running" a few steps which never fail to make my heart skip a beat.

2. Understands simple and common instruction such as "keep the toys", "sit down".

3. Know how to on and off the TV.

4. Able to walk down 2 steps without holding his hands. He had learn to use the wall as support.

5. Know where all his food/ treats are kept (fridge) and every now and then, will go to the fridge and tries to open it. Of course, he is not strong enough to open the fridge door, but it never stop him from trying.

6. Knows which room belongs to who. He knows where to find his favorite grandpa and where to go for his milk and food.

7. He dances to the music and claps his hands when he sees us cheering him on.

8. Waves good-bye - clenching and opening of his fist, sometimes, turning them left and right.

Things he still trying to achieve:

1. He still can't talk but makes more sounds now like "b" when he sees bird and buses.

General Observation:

He gets easily jealous over Nicholas. Whenever Nicholas sits on my lap, he will squeeze his way in and Nicholas had no choice but to give in for every one's comfort.

Once, I was trimming Nicholas's toe nail and he too lie down and placed his leg on my hand and called me ("ah ah") to do the same for him.

He is also a tyrant and will not give in to Nicholas when they play together. If he wants something that Nicholas is playing with, he will insist that Nicholas gave it to him or he will scream! It got Nicholas angry and refuses to play with Ryan at times. But, being the loving brother, he still loves and "sayang" him like old times when Ryan didn't get into his nerves.

Ryan is a "out-going" boy and I really meant it literally. He loves going out, even for a short ride. So, he follows me when I drop Nicholas off at school and to the market. Actually, he follows anyone that one to bring him out of the house! He cries if he sees us leaving the house without him.

He had suddenly developed a phobia of the sound of aeroplane flying past. He will dash to us for refuge when he hears it. Though scared of the sound, he still fascinated with planes and helicopter.

He loves Percy from Thomas and friends story. If he sees Percy got hurt, he will be frighten and cry. On a side note, we find him and Percy looks very alike.


Alice Law said...

The animated Ryan is so cute! Time flies and kid grows up faster than we realize... boy~! Wonder how did he get terrified by plane, his hearing must be very good!

have a nice day!

Alice Phua said...

Hi, greetings from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy, saw you from Alice Law's blog. Bravo for Ryan's milestone and development! Talking about suddenly developing the fear of hearing the aeroplane sound - well, my son is similar too, but for thunder sound. Last time when he was still an infant right up to 1+, he wasn't afraid of that sound at all, then suddenly that fear developed and he is still fearful of the sound till today.

P/S: Have linked up with you, hope you'll do the same too. :-D


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