Friday, August 27, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #14

With the air transport theme, the school wrapped up the topic on transportation.

New vocabulary introduced to the children this week were:

A jet aircraft is an aircraft propelled by jet engines. Jet aircraft generally fly much faster than propeller-powered aircraft and at higher altitudes

A hot air balloon consists of a bag called the envelope that is capable of containing heated air. Suspended beneath is a gondola or wicker basket

A rocket or rocket vehicle is a spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle which obtains thrust from a rocket engine

A blimp, or non-rigid airship, is an airship without an internal supporting framework. It is usually lifted by a gas called helium.

An airport is a location where air crafts takeoff and land. An airport consists of at least one surface such as a runway for a plane to take off and land, and often includes buildings such as control towers, hangars and terminal buildings.

They had a math activity involving a grid of four types of air transport vehicles and the children had to count and write the corresponding quantity in the boxes provided. The counting bit is simple but the writing is tricky! There are still plenty of inverted numbers and strange symbols that are written in place of numerals but will keep practicing.

In addition to that we did a collage using blue cellophane, cotton wool, blue and white paint and pictures of air transport vehicles as well. The children had fun putting together their masterpiece and they each had different interpretations of their collage.

They did a muffin cup flower each too to be given to the teachers as Teacher's Day gift.

Parents were encourage to do a little "teacher's day" project with the kids at home. Its encourage bonding and also, a token of appreciation for the work that teachers did with the children. I got Nicholas to do a card and a stalk of flower for each of his teacher (which I totally forgotten to take pictures of). He did the writing all by himself, both in Chinese and English character. For Chinese, I wrote on a paper and he copied. For English, I only need to spell it out for him. His finger griping is still not very good despite training both in school and at home. Really have to work on his fine motor skill.

Oh..yes, I forgot to say that his English teacher was one of the nominees for the Most Outstanding Teacher Award by MCYS and their school won the Outstanding Employer's award!

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