Monday, August 9, 2010

Universal Studio, Singapore

The kids were treated to Universal Studio on this special day...Singapore's birthday! My in-laws send us there, saving us the $$. Can't imagine if we had to park there the whole day! Its gonna cost a BOMB!

Took a photo with my new Panasonic Lumix Micro Four Thirds camera! hee..a birthday present from hubby :)

The first to greet us is these beautiful animals from Madagascar! Too bad, the ride was not ready yet.

For the sake of our dear boy, all of us went for the kiddy carousel, King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round.

Then we proceed to Far Far Away Land and took all the 3 rides there (excluding the ferris wheel in the Fairy Godmother's shop). But even the junior roller coaster frighten my deary boy! *faint* Hubby was chosen by the host in the Donkey Live show and he gamely showed the kids what sportmanship is

Then its off to The Lost World where the fun begins! We took the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and watched the WaterWorld "live" show. The crews are very entertaining, sending laughters all round while we waited for the show to begin. The only disappointment is that the Canopy Flyer was not operating.

The kids went for their first round of Rapid adventure while I accompany Nicholas at the holding bay.

Its a SURE-WET matter where you sit...even with a rain coat on!

The kids went on this Dino-Soarin'

After a quick lunch, we walked on to the Ancient Egypt. Hubby took the girls to ride on the Revenge of the Mummy while I queued with little boy for the Treasure Hunters' ride. They came back screaming "Its fun! Scary! Mummy, you must go!" And there, hubby took over the queue with Nicholas while I went with the girls to the scary roller coaster ride. The girls couldn't contained their excitement and kept talking about it while we were queueing.

The sun was scotching hot and we ran into for an ice-cream to cool our body systems.

Nothing going on at the Sci-Fi City with the ONLY attraction closed till who-knows-when.

We completed every available rides and was still early. So went on to do the not-so-exciting stuff like watching the Steven Spielberg stuff. Then the girls wanted to go for repeated rides. So they went on while Nicholas followed us to shop at the shops with our voucher.

Here's a picture of us with the Kung Fu Panda.

Nicholas was getting restless as he didn't had his afternoon nap. He couldn't even smile for the camera anymore.

So these are what we got with our voucher. A cap for Nicholas and a magnetic photo frame, now on our fridge door.

Rating of our visit today: 7/10.

The Must-Do attractions are:

  • Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure
  • WaterWorld show
  • Shrek 4D Adventure
  • Revenge of the Mummy (highly recommended)
(The list is based on what we had rode on the day.)


Alice Phua said...

Wah, this sure looks like a fun place to be in especially for children when they get to see cartoon characters coming to life!

Alice Law said...

We missed visitng Universal Studio when we stopped at Resort Worls, simply because its extravagant pricing and also the kids were still small for taking the rides.

Glad that I got to see so many beautiful pictures of the place reading your post! Thanks for sharing!

have a wonderful weekend!

Blessed mum said...

Hi Alice Phua - yes, the kids really enjoyed themselves! But we didn't really get to see as many characters as the one in the states.

Hi Alice Law - The entrance fees is indeed a little steep but Singaporean must support SG la..hahaha..we paid the same when we were aboard anyway. :) Hope you can give it a go the next time you visit (when your kids are older )


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