Saturday, May 3, 2008

Daring Little Boy

We went down to the pool for a relaxing swim after preparing my eldest for her exam. Little Nic was so happy that as soon as he saw his 2 jiejies changed into their swimming costume, he ran straight to look for my maid.

Little Nic: Wear..swim...Wear...swim...

Maid: Wear what? (pretend she doesn't understand)

Little Nic: dum (come)...wear...swim (pulling her into the room and pointing to the cupboard)

He now will tell us what he wants and if we don't understand him, he will ask us to come and follow him to the source of his demand. And if we don't follow him, he will pull and drag till we move our butt...gagaga

When we got down to the pool, he's so happy and he tries to follow how his 2 jiejies jumped into the pool! Luckily, daddy was fast to catch hold of him..we didn't expect him to be so daring.. but guess we should never had let our guards down when we are near the pool.

Anyway, this somehow tickles him and he kept dashing to the pool and daddy catching him before he drop in. There were a few times when we caught him waiting for daddy to be near before he takes the hor ? : p

He is now more warm up with daddy already and doesn't mind daddy carrying him...I think it's something to do with daddy...he just can't click with babies below 18 months...gagaga


Angeline said...

*laugh* you've got a thinker! a very smart one!

Blessed mum said...

Thanks Angeline


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