Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trial Lesson - Day 2

This morning, I asked him if he is wants to go to school, he excitedly dashed to his little "school" bag, took it and ran toward the door! And as he ran, he shouted "RUNNNN..!" all the way till he reached the door.

Throughout out short drive to the centre, he was very cheerful, clapping his little hands along with the song. I thought "wow! He seems to love the centre and so maybe today I can start the "disappearing" act already!" But I was too ambitious. He called "mommy" every time I try to stand up or walk away. Once when I went out to answer a phone call, he cried and cried. The teacher tried to distract him but he just kept on crying till I'm back. (mommy sees already so heartpain.)

For the lesson, its more or less the same as yesterday. To replace the outdoor play time, the teachers brought out some paints and brushes for the kids to paint. They intend to make a snow globe with the painted rice (as snow).

The plate of rice was passed round to allow each child to have a feel of what rice felt like.

Don't think the idea to paint the rice worked. All the rice kinda stick together. But at least for this one, Little Nic is more willing to participate as it does not dirty his little hands.

After each child had a chance at "painting" the rice, its marble time.

He seems to know straight away what to do once he was given the "tools". He starts to busy himself by transferring the marbles from one bowl to another.

See mommy, I got marbles in my cup!

Snack time

At first, he was not interested in colouring, taking the crayon and banging on the table. But when he saw what the korkor were doing, he began to "colour" too!

So what mommy's verdict after 2 days trial? *sigh* After visiting so many centres and trying out 3 including this, mommy decides to go ahead and registered him here. This centre may not be as impressive as his sister's but every centre has its good and bad, so I think I should give this one a try. So let's keep my finger crossed and hope my decision is right.


Angeline said...

So long as you feel its right...congrats! One-big-stone-can-put-down-already....*wink*

miche said...

the pic of him eating the biscuit, i tot he put the marble in his mouth! *pengsan* lol.

Blessed mum said...

Angeline Thanks for your assurance. Yes, finally 1 very big stone dropped!

Miche had now learns what can be eaten and what's not. but still need supervision.


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