Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swensen Treat

My sis got the Swensen's 1-for-1 ice-cream and asked if I'm interested to bring my kids for an ice-cream treat. Of course this cheapo mommy (that's me) happily agreed! So with 3 babies + my maid, we happily drove to Parkway to meet my sister and her 2 boys.

While waiting for daddy, he was reluctant to join us at first but finally convinced by me....(heehee...so someone can settle the bill ; P ) all the little ones started to entertain themselves playing with the interactive games at the entrance of the mall. Little Nic joined in too! My sister laughed when she saw how he hopped and stomp at the ball; cars...

Once daddy arrived, all the kids couldn't wait anymore and dashed straight for Swensen! After our main course, we order 6 ice-cream (for the price of 3!!) and my boy himself finished almost half of the Sticky Chewy Chocolate which he supposed to share with his 2 sisters!

Yummy! Yummy!


Ling That's Me said...

I also want to eat ice-cream! :P
wanna exchange links? :)

Angeline said...

STicky Chewy Chocolate!!!! Ahhhh....that's my favourite! Yummy!

Mommy to Chumsy said...


Anonymous said...

Updates...updates on bb nicholas!!

Hey, bb nicholas had grown quite abit lately, judging by this swensen's photo....he's turning into a handsome young man le!!

Baby Darren said...

Nic really enjoyed the ice-cream treats very much huh? He just looked so cute...face still round round...

Blessed mum said...

Hi ling I have actually link u in my second daughter's blog (charmainesim.blogspot.com

I usually visit your blog through hers...feel free to link this.

Hi KM thank you so much! You make my day! : )

Hi baby darren
I think he enjoys ice-cream more than his 2 sisters...; P


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