Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children Garden

After seeing my many blogging mommies bring their little ones to the Jacob Ballas Children Garden, I decided to pay a visit there too! Its my first time them and my impression of the place? Nice. Its perfect for little one to enjoy a few hours there.

However, a few of the "attraction" was closed so we didn't get to fully appreciate the whole stuff.

Ride down the slide with daddy

Admiring the flowers

Favourite - Water play!


Angeline said...

Why are the attractions closed?

I intend to bring them there today, cos no rain, no sun, perfect weather for outdoor fun.

but Allan couldn't make it, he got last minute appointment. boo-hoo.

its hard to get such know what I mean right?

tell me lei, why some attractions are closed? did they say when they will open up to the public again? I want to go when we get to play everything.

Kevin said...

It's sad that the swinging bridge is closed. To me, that's the main attraction.

Did you let the boy walk the tree trunk bridge?

Blessed mum said...

Hi Angeline,
The sensory garden not working, no idea why?

Hi Kevin,
Tree trunk bridge?? Where?? Is it at the Tree house playground? My kids complained that the Treehose is full of BIG ants!

The only bridge we walked on is the suspension bridge..must go back this weekend and check it out.

quEeNie said...

he looks enjoying it happily....

Blessed mum said...

Hi Queenie, Yes he enjoyed the water play very much and refused to go.


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