Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Professional Photo Take

Got a call from a studio last week inviting me for a free photo shooting session with 2 complimentary photos to take home. Told her I'm not keen but she seems to know all mommies weak point. She told me she can changed it to photo shoot for my children. That's when I raise my white flag and agreed to go.

So today, when I told hubby about it, he was initially against it as he knows I have difficulty turning sales person away. He worried that I will be tempted to buy more pics at a cut-throat price. But I can tell from his weak "resistance" that he too has fallen for when asked him how again, he just said "ok la, just don't be conned into it." And so off go the excited mommy and 2 princess + a prince!

We were each given some light make-up (except Little Nic). When he saw me sitting on the chair with a cloth wrap over my clothes, he started to cry. I think it reminds him of his last hair-cut...poor boy, he really develop a phobia of hair-cut now...

The 2 princess were very co-operative throughout the photo shoot. In fact, they were like experience little models posing so naturally in front of the camera. Mommy were a little stiff though. And guessed we did not consider my prince's timing, he's a little tired and thus sticking to me all the time. We managed to get a only few pictures of him.


Angeline said...

Oh I love your daughters! They are beauties!

Hmmm...somehow I think the photographer wasn't professional...cos' he captured all the 'not-cute' side of Baby Nic. *angry*...

but somehow, I feel, Mommy enjoyed it! *wink*

does it bring back memories of you taking wedding photograph at studio years back?

Anonymous said...

i love the first photo (the black n white) with Nicholas and a little bit of you...

also the one he lean on your shoulder, and with your two daughters...very sweet!

hmm....look like Nicholas had a teary photo session..

Wonderful Life said...

Awww... so sweet! I like the photo which Nicholas had the sun glasses on... handsome loh!

Blessed mum said...

thanks for the compliments!

no lah..the photographer was ok, just that mommy didn't take into consideration of little nic's stickiness after he start "school"..

mommy felt a little funny act..caution of all the fatty side of me :)

Like that too! Yeah..a very teary session for him..poor boy.

wonderful life
thanks! act that photo was taken by the unprofessional => mommy : P

quEeNie said...

really nice pics........its so sweet and eventthough Nicholas is crying he still look cute

Blessed mum said...

Thanks for the compliments, queenie : )


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