Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Sorry..Baby!

After accompanying him for a week, its time to harden my heart and leave him with the teacher.

For the past 2 days, I dropped him off and accompanied him into his class and stayed for a while. Then I excused myself telling him I need to go to the toilet and will be back in a while. Gradually, I increase the duration from 10 minutes to half an hour, then to 1 hour. I was sitting outside and can hear him cries for me when I "disappeared" for too long. The teacher did managed to calm him down after a while.

So today, after bringing him into his class, I handed him over to his familiar teacher and waved and kissed him goodbye. He cried but I'm sorry baby, mommy got to leave before I cry too. I went off and came back 1 hour later to check on him. I peeped through the window and saw him settling well on his teacher's lap, holding on to his water bottle (familiar thing for security) Relief.

The next moment, when the teacher gets up, he started to cry. He ran to his cubbyhole and try to carry his little bag and kept saying "bye bye! bye bye!" and wanted to walk towards the door, all this while crying. Its such a pitiful sight and tears started to well up in my eyes and at that point, I have the urged to walk in and carried him in my arm. But the logical part of me was controlling my feet and I find myself rooted there watching how the teacher handle the situation. She gently took away his bag and put it back into the cubbyhole, carried him and assured him that mommy will be back in a while. She then brought him over to the cars' corner and distract him with the toy cars. After a while, the crying stopped.

When I mentioned the sighting to the teacher when I picked him up, she assured me its normal that little children will cling on to the familiar item as source of security and that he is fine but he needs a lot of 1 to 1 attention. They will try to coax him into participating in all the activities when he is more settled down.

Though in time, he will settle happily in the centre, but right now, mommy felt so bad having to let him go through this "torture".....


Angeline said...

Ohhhh...heart pain, heart pain.... its hard but you did well...

the first time I drop my elder one in nursery, I ran away because I know the more he see me, the more he'll cling on to me...very bad hor?

but I still went back, you know why? The teacher called me on my handphone and request that I go back to sit in with my boy so that lesson could

CatLover said...

Poor mommy...I know how the feeling's like. Since my dotter was born, there was only one occasion which I left her at my mom's place over night. I would have a tougher time later when I gotto send her to child care..You are doing well.


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