Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Updates on School Progress

Today, I shall let the teacher do the "blogging".

Nicholas only cried for 5 minutes today. Yay! 5 minutes better than yesterday. He is one of the kids that is sitting down nicely and listening to his teachers. Wow! Amazing. I thought he would be exploring around and playing but even when his friends ran off, he was still sitting down and listening. He's been trying to talk too. He was repeating the words that we taught him and showing us things.

Today we did Rose syrup drink. The children are getting familiar with red now as we've been learning about red the past few days. The children were amazed when the water turns red. They tasted the water before and after putting the syrup. They liked it very much and they even asked for more.

We did red hunting game too, where the children had to find things that are red in the treasure box.

Rose Syrup "experiment"

Outdoor play - Bowling!

Looking for the Red candle holder..

Found it! Well Done!

Are you thinking of jiejie??


Lil Smurfy said...

hi, would like to ask you which school is baby nicholas attending now. me staying in sengkang and looking ard for 2-3hrs flexi type..

CatLover said...

Wow, do you need to pay them extra to do blogging or they volunteer to do? Very comprehensive report leh..

Ryan's mami said...

Wow, it's indeed a very nice and good school leh. I prefer school which takes lesser students per class. I bet the school here have more than 10 toddlers per class!

Also, Nicholas has adapted the school environment and people pretty well. Well done boy!

Blessed mum said...

Hi lil smurfy - thanks for dropping by my blog : )

We are staying in the central west part of Singapore..I doubt you want to travel so far...

hi catlover - hahaha...think they need to pay me for the free advertising space instead! No la, this is the emailed report they gave me, I just simply posted it up.

hi ryan's mami - I prefer the ratio to be small too. Currently their ratio is 2 : 6, but might increased to 8. Its still within the acceptable range...think they need to have more kids to play and socialise with.

Baby Darren said...

wauu...the activities looked interesting..and with the detail report...u make the right choice. I bet Nic will learn a lot from the activities. No wonder he enjoyed the class so much.

Blessed mum said...

Hi baby darren - think all the "sourcing" paid off : )


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