Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonding Time With Daddy

Hubby pity me for working non-stop round the clock and told me he will take over the kids every Sunday afternoon so I can have a break. It's also a great bonding time for them.

Since he is not one that can sit down and read a book to the kids type, he decided to do sports with them. This way, they will be out of the house and I can have about 2-3 hours of ME-time too. This arrangement suits all of us fine. I am not very sport-active type, so I gladly hand over this "Physical Education" programme to hubby. Goofy

Their usual activities? Swimming downstairs.


But with little Nicholas becoming more active, it had since progressed on with more intense exercise. They usually starts with some "warm-up" exercise like playing with the basket balls. With 3 of them, they took 2 balls and do those passing game. Hubby says this helps to improve their hand-eye co-ordination. Little Nicholas is too young to play this game, but he doesn't want to be left out. So he played the "Monkey" role.

Basketball 2

After the warming up, hubby makes the 2 girls run round the track twice. Its a proper running track which means the girl ran 800m each! Hmm..doubt I can do even half the track now.


After taking a break, they will come back up and change into your swimsuit and go back down again. This time, to swim.

So you can guess, by the time they are back for dinner, they were like those "hungry ghost", gobbling down the food real fast! And they are so tired by bedtime that I do not need to keep asking them to stop talking and go to sleep. They knock-off within minutes of lying on the bed!

Hubby took some photos for me to see what they've been doing and I like this particular one. However, hubby said this photo doesn't come easy as he had to retake so many times to catch little Nicholas cheeky smile. But its all worth it, don't you agree?


Contentedmom said...

wow...the kids seemed to have a really wonderful time with dad...good job daddy!and mommy had a good rest too...

Ling That's Me said...

this photo is a good shot! I bet you will place it in your desktop :)

4MalMal said...

this is soooo sweet! your little nicholas so lucky to have 2 jie jies to love him!

Mommy said...

What a lovely picture! You have 3 beautiful children :)

Angeline said...

Papa did a great job!
*clap clap clap*

renet13 said...

Papa normally pamper girls more and girls normally like to be manja by daddy more. Your gals dont look the same hoh? One like you n one like daddy, I'm sure. BTW Charmaine's fringe doesnt look that bad lah. It will grow very fast, dont worry!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your hubby is so considerate, at least he is willing to help you to take k the kids.. was a busy day for them. Sport for non stop.

Wonderful Life said...

Nice shot! Love Nicholas' cheeky smile!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh that's very nice of daddy :D btw, i like the cartoons you have in your post. so cute!

U.Lee said...

Love the photo....cute kids you have. Ya, get them worked up, they eat and fall asleep early, ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.

allthingspurple said...

This photo show off Charmaine's pretty eyes really well. All 3 kids look beautiful in this pic ! I must admit it's always the hardest getting the youngest one to pose for the camera.

Blessed mum said...

contendedmom - Yes! they really look forward to Sunday.

Ling - Er..actuall yno cos the resolution not very good. taken with hb's hp. but i used it as my hp wallpaper :)

4malmal - and also 2 jiejie for him to bully ;P

mommy - Thanks for dropping by and your compliments :)

angeline - Yes. have to give him credit for that.

renet13 - right. think Charmaine look more like me..her fringe, that's after the rescue work done.

Sarah's daddy & mommy - hee, if he don't move his butts, he know I'll nag and he couldn't stand it ;P

wonderful life - Thanks. Love that too!

mommy to chumsy - hee..thanks:)

Uncle Lee - yes. thanks :)

allthingspurple - yes..imagine back in those days where we do not have digital many wasted film just to take a perfect shot.

quEeNie said...

wah...such a sweet & nice pic of sis & Nicholas....

3lilangels said...

That's a great picture, all three looking at the camera with perfect smiles. That's quite an amazing feat. The kids looked like they had a great time.

Running 800m, wow. It's good to keep them fit and active. And at the same time, mommy get some well earned me-time.

Blessed mum said...

hi queenie - thanks

hi 3lilangels - yes, not easy getting a pic with all of them looking perfectly at the camera..:)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The photo is very very well-taken, i guess, it's your desktop picture now right?

And WOW again, so many sports activities...i should start something like this with Dot too!

Blessed mum said...

Km - the resolution not very good so can't be desktop..only used it on my hp wallpaper.

yes, that's a lot of sport in 1 day!

little prince's mummy said...

great shoot! looks so cheerful..

Blessed mum said...

Hi Little Prince's mommy - Thanks :)


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