Friday, September 19, 2008

Excursion - DuckTour

After the month long lesson on transport, the school organised a Ducktour excursion. It cost $21.60 per pax including the transport there. Since I didn't go with him the past 2 excursion, decided to join in this time..actually mommy also want to try the Ducktour la.. Goofy

Little Nic was very obedient throughout the bus journey to and back. Some of his friends were crying, throwing tantrum..but he just sat there quietly, occasionally pointing out the birds and the cars..

When we boarded the "Duck", place him near the "window" but he struggled. He didn't want to sit too near the "window". Scared?? Throughout the rides, he refused to sit near the "window" unless on my lap. So young and knows about safety already?? hahaha..

We visited the Singapore River first and the "Ducktainer" pointed to us every attractions we passed by. This will be interesting for tourists but for us, we are more interested in taking pictures of our little ones though its quite difficult to take photos with the limited angle. The part that really catch the little ones' attention is when we passed by the Merlion! Even after a few days, when he chance upon his jiejie Chinese Textbook and saw the Merlion, he shouted "MERLION!!"

After the water tour, we move on to the land tour. Told that we are travelling on the same track as the F1 night race! So exciting! The only difference is that they are racing on Ferrari at 300km/hour while we are on a Duck travelling at 20km/hour. Too Funny

Thanks to the Ducktainer, I didn't know Raffles Hotel is the most expensive class hotel in Singapore costing almost $800 per night at its cheapest! And learnt about the New Supreme court existence too! So embarassing, a Singaporean and yet knows nothing about the new Supreme court!! Blushy

Summary, we all had a wondrful day out!


Ling That's Me said...

so nice to be able to tag along for the excursion. I also havent been on a ducktour before! hehe!

Leona said...

Nicholas's school is very good ... take the kids on such interesting excursions.

3lilangels said...

What a cool way to learn! Even mummy learn so many things.

Blessed mum said...

ling - first time tagging along..never once did I tag along my girls' excursion.. think its the discounted ducktour that is the main pull factor ;P

leona - cos they are on the theme "transport" that's why their excursion is the same topic too.

3lilangels - yup!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh such an interesting trip. i can't help laughing at your sentence about sitting in the bus while on the F1 track :D I'm watching F1 now - Singapore Night Race and I must say, Singapore is so beautiful at night. Kudos for hosting the race :D

Wonderful Life said...

Wow...the trip looks fun. And also educational, yeah?

U.Lee said...

Hi Blessed mom, kids at this age get very facinated at everything, and they learn fast too.

Your mentioned of Raffles Hotel, love that place...back in the 70's, 80's used to entertain some business clients there, as well the odd sarong lady, ha ha.

Their cream puffs and scones, Gin sling out of this world, and the ambiance too.
Love Raffles and Peang's E&O hotel....
Have a nice day, Lee.
ps, I used to love going to Bedok for seafood, and ECP too.
Oh ya, that Van Cleef acquarium no more I guess?

Angeline said...

hey hey I didn't know those facts too!!! I'm with you! *wink*

Envy you! I've been wanting to go for the DuckTour ever since 3 years back when my stall was just next to the DuckTour counter in Suntec for 2 years! But everytime I want to...the miser in me stopped me...*sigh*

Blessed mum said...

mommy to chumsy - thank you for your compliment on Singapore. Watched the F1 race exciting. such pity for Massa.

wonderful life - yup. perfect for tourist.

uncle lee - think i read about that in one of your post. They are famous for their Singapore Sling.

Never heard of the Van Cleef acquarium...but along East coast, there are quite a lot of yummy seafood.

Blessed mum said...

angeline - agree with you. Its a little expensive but as we got group discount, so mommy decided to give it a go :)


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