Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lesson On Transport

After some months with the centre, Nicholas has grown more mature and now able to wait patiently for his turn. He is also able to listen to instructions given and carry them out. He's also becoming more independent and likes to socialize with his friends.

For the whole of last month, they were on the theme "Transport".

This is his favourite topic and he displayed a very keen interest on stories about vehicles told by the teacher. He really sat down and focus on what was taught. Teacher was amazed that he was able to tell her all the names of the vehicles! He said it very clearly from simple one like car, motorbike to bigger words like aeroplane, helicopter. Got to thank my helper for this actually as she had been teaching him these from his big picture book.

They did some 3D aeroplanes and the children get to identify which vehicle belongs to the air transport, sea transport or the land transport.

The teacher arranged the chairs and make a mini bus for the kids and they played pretend games with it.
See them sitting on "bus"

They did some art work with their vehicles too. He rolled his truck on the paint and let it move down the art paper. This help the kids to see the track that their vehicle made and different vehicles make different size track.

This looks interesting for him..see the little smile on his face.

For the sea transport, the teacher got a big tub and an "oar" for the kids to play pretend games again. They sang "row, row, row your boat" too!

And as if that is not enough, the teacher make a boat out a paper for the kids to play again the next day.

How can we missed the train! See little boy crawling under those chairs pretending that he is a train going through a tunnel!!


Wonderful Life said...

Wow... a very interesting and educational lesson in school!

Angeline said...

my boy is having 'transport week' too, ooops, little Nicholas is transport MONTH eh?

he looks so cute in the boat, wah got passenger some more! *laugh*

Baby Darren said...

What a good way to teach the kids about transportation...

I got to say it again...i'm very impressed by the center...I really wish we have such good playschool near my neighbourhood...

Nic seems enjoyed himself very much in school...

Moo mommy said...

Good loh the education lesson... I should send my kids there la. But iam in Penang/Ipoh! :(

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh man...this kindy is so much fun. even i want to join them ;)

3lilangels said...

That's so much fun, and educational too. Do you get updates and photos by e-mail from the centre, or something?

4MalMal said...

wow this looks very interesting and fun! may i asked which school he goes to?? think is important that the kids have fun in school. maybe u can email me at haifangsee(at)gmail(dot)com if it is not convenient to put it here. Can consider putting Malcolm there when we go back spore :) Thanks!

Lil Smurfy said...

i'm always so amazed by some things the school teaches..

TheBlueRanger said...

Love this place. They really make the effort for the kids to have fun and learn.

Blessed mum said...

wonderful life - yes.:)

angeline - such coincident! think your boy is older, so they don't need as much time as the toddlers.

Find that cute too!;P

baby darren - yes..sometimes, I told the teachers too that I saluate to their innovative ways of i ever do such things with my kids.

moo mommy - thanks for dropping by my blog:)

mommy to chumsy - hee :)

3lilangels - yes, they update me with their daily progress and activities together with photos of my boy EVERYDAY!

4malmal - sure. will email to you the centre website.

lil smurfy - mee too:)

the blue ranger - yes. same thinking here too.

3lilangels said...

Daily updates??!! The educational and service level in Singapore is amazing. *turning green here*

Blessed mum said...

3lilangels</b - not all centre provide such service..I'm one of those lucky one. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle, I wonder how do you managed to take those photos when the teacher is conducting her class?

Blessed mum said...

Hi Sarah's mom & dad - erh..i didn't take these pics..its taken by the assist teacher. They have 2 teachers in the toddler class.

btw, parents are welcome to stay if we want to see how the class is conducted. they are not "secretive" in this area.


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