Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fine Motor Skill

Last week, the centre did with the kids a Rectangle collage and the children were required to tear the paper and paste them on the paper. Little boy had some struggle in tearing the paper initially but after teacher showed him how to do it, he tried a few times and succeeded! He was then happily tearing all the papers away.

Its a very good activity for his fine motor skills development and teacher encouraged the little ones and parents to do this activity at home as well. But they have to be reminded that they are not to tear papers at home unless an adult tells them so. Or else they'll be happily tearing all the papers in the house. Hehehe....


U.Lee said...

Hi Blessed mum, your kid looks really engrossed with his work assignment, ha ha.
You know,when I was 7 years old, those days mana ada toilet My mum cut out a cardboard template 5"x5" and my work assignment twice a week was to cut up newspapers follow the template...many times get lecture as I potong the template too....I then get 20 cents...pity no kids union those days, get 5 cents more, ha ha.
Its a wonder we don't have, "Straits Times" on our you know where, or Malay Mail, ha ha. Lee.

Louisa May said...

hahaha.. didn't realise you had blogs for C and N too !! Wow, so dedicated!! I can't even keep up with 1 blog. Nic looks like he's really enjoying school !

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh, the little one is so full of concentration :D

LZmommy said...

You have definitely found a good CC for Nicholas :)

Angeline said...

little one is really doing well there!

Anonymous said...

hmm, reading your post gave me an idea on what to do on our next art session!

i have never thought of getting Dot to tear up papers for his own art session, because i do not want to give him the idea that, papers can be torn, but i guess, now that he is older, i could tell him what papers can be torn, and what's not..

Blessed mum said...

Hi Uncle Lee - he is engrossed with his work but his attention span is rather short. :)

Hi Louisa - Actually I only need to maintain 2 1/2blogs, N's teachers help to contribute in his blog too:) And yes, he enjoy this school.

Hi mommy to chumsy - :)

Hi Lzmommy - found this centre after a very long tiring search! I don't want a centre like you-know-which. :)

Hi Angeline - thanks:)

Hi KM - Thanks for dropping by.

I fine with N tearing papers but still not brave enough to let him paint like little Kayton. Can't imagine him holding the paintbrush..i'll have to paint-proof my whole house..hahaha..


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