Saturday, March 28, 2009

Singapore Flyer, Here We Come!!

Finally, we fulfilled our promise to the kids and brought them to the Singapore Flyer today. We got there about 6.30pm. No fuss, No queue at all!

We had this photo taken before entering the Singapore Flyer. It costs us $18 for this nice shot. Little Nicholas was in one of his naughty mood again. Deliberately looking away when we ask him to look at the camera.

The ride was very smooth and we didn't even feel it moving! And its didn't seems to us that we were on it for 30minutes as there are so many things to see from every angle, every height!

Enjoying the scenery...

The Sunset view...

After the ride, we had our dinner and drove over to the Padang to join in the Earth Hour. We were disappointed to see the turn out is not as what we expected. We thought it would be filled with people but sad to say its not. So after about 30 minutes, we decided to go home.

The kids were happy and tired. They knocked off once their head touches the pillow!


Angeline said...

Mommy had no worries then about 'forcing' them to snooze away eh? *wink*
Finally!!! I get to see you and your tummy!!! *smile*

*my blog's feed has not been working for days, hence the update is NOT up-to-date, I'm trying to solve the problem now... *sigh*

but you still can get to my blog by clicking my name on my comment.

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - you are so right!! That's one of those few nights that I don't have to nag them to sleep!


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