Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby @ Week 33/34

Had my detailed scan today. The baby is still in a bridge position which makes my gynae very happy (according to her, its easier to pull him out this way).

Baby weighs about 2.4 - 2.5kg now..hmm seems like he is a bigger baby than than Nicholas. Every things else seems to be in good condition and gynae had decided to deliver him exactly on the week 37 and the exact date will be on 9th April 2009, 9am. Hee..quite a nice number..9/4/2009..9am. And no, the date and time was not chosen by us but by gynae.
His testicles had already descended and hee..he's not shy to show it at all!

Perfect picture according to gynae. The full side view of the baby's face. The black colour part is his eye and we can see he got quite a nice nose. Look carefully and you will be able to see the mouth and the chin! He was caught on another scan sucking his toes too!

My gynae is a very careful lady and explained again to us her decision to have the baby out at 37 weeks. She told hubby that she cannot imagine what will happen if I was to go into labour and the uterus rupture. Hubby was very concern after hearing her many "scary" story / scenarios. He told my gynae to take the baby out earlier but my gynae explained to him that week 37 is the safest. If the baby is out too early, there might be complication too as the baby will be deemed pre-matured and might have health problem and we might end up paying hundreds of thousands with the baby in ICU.

Being a caution lady, she wants me to admit on the 8th to have my blood match in case I have any massive bleeding and needed blood transfusion from the blood bank. Sound scary isn;t it? She told hubby that he can replaced the blood should I used it by donating it back within 2 weeks. She also reminded hubby to wait outside the delivery/operating suite just in case she needs him to sign any emergency consent. Wow! That really make hubby panic!

So let's all pray for me to have a smooth and safe delivery.


miche said...

only hubby scared? u not scared meh? i will surely remember to pray for u.

looks like u going to have 2 pairs; i hope mine also the same. going for ultra sound today, hoping that baby wont be shy today and open wide. ;)

Ling That's Me said...

cant wait to see the little one! :)

you take good care ok!

My Lovely 'A' said...

Very happy for u, soon u will be able to see your lil boy.
Take care of yourself. Shall pray for u for a smooth delivery.

mumsgather said...

I hope everything turns out smoothly for you. My gynae was an ultra careful one too.

Zhen said...

Very soon now!
So excited for you. :)
Take care.

Wonderful Life said...

wow... so fast going to deliver!!

It also scares me after reading what you wrote too...

Hope you have a smooth delivery. Take care ya...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I will pray for you Michelle.

Wish you have a safe delivery.

3lilangels said...

Wow... so fast, another 2 weeks to go. Will pray you have a smooth and safe delivery.

I feel so 'clucky' looking at the scans. But have my hands full with 3. You are very 'keng'.

A gift from God said...

Wow.... that sounds serious... :) but you make it sound like nothing... I hope everything will run smoothly as planned. Take care and waiting to see the little one. Will keep you in prayer!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...


I got an award for you

Sasha said...

oo have a safe delivery!

KoLe said...

You are such a cool calm lady!
sincerely wishing you a smooth delivery!

Aces Family said...

9th April - same birthdate as Anthea...hee : )

Btw,just to share but not to frighten you. An ex-colleague of mine just delivered. Her uterus rupture and was given Emergency C-section. Baby was stressed and put in ICU for a week....: (

I think your gynae is doing what is best for you and baby.

All the best and have a smooth delivery : )


Health Freak Mommy said...

Hey, 9 April is my Baby C's birthday!! She will turn 1 year old this year :)

Blessed mum said...

miche - I already awared of the risk before I get pregnant, so not that scared. moreover, I've been praying very hard for God's protection :)

ling, My lovely 'A', mumsgather, Zhen, wonderful life, Joanne, A gift from god, Sasha, kole - thanks :)

Astee - Really! Hope he will be as good and bright as Anthea! Yes, that's what gynae afraid of, and that's also the reason why she wants me to deliver once the baby is matured (week 37)

Hope your ex-colleague and the baby is fine now.

health Freak Mommy - great! So we can have a join celebration over the net together!

quEeNie said...

hope you have a safe delivery...take care


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