Sunday, March 15, 2009

His First Movie

We had planned to bring the kids for a movie and followed by a ride on the Singapore Flyer today. The girls picked Hotel For Dogs. I have no idea what the show is about but the girls said they saw the trailer on TV and said its a very funny show.

Since its their day, we gave in to them. Booked the tickets online for the 4pm show. Our plan was to watch the sunset on the Singapore Flyer after the movie.
Its the FIRST TIME Nicholas came with the girls to watch a movie and he was surprise at the big screen. Other than that, he was very obedient. No fuss throughout the entire movie. Daddy sat with him and Rachel, occasionally explaining what's going on to him. We had read him a book about not talking loudly in the cinema and he remembered. So whenever he saw something interesting, he would whisper to daddy.

Its a very enjoyable show for the kids and me too.

Right after the show, we went straight for the car and drove towards Singapore Flyer. Everything seems to go so well as plan till we reach the Marina exit. The traffic is terrible!! We had forgotten that today was the last day for the IT exhibit and thus, did not expect the jam. So we told the kids that we have to miss the ride on the Singapore Flyer. The girls were ok with it but Nicholas kept asking "Why? I thought you said we are going to ride on the Flyer?" We tried to explain to him about the jam but guessed he is too young to understand what that means.

So instead of watching sunset on the Singapore Flyer, daddy drove up and down the expressway so the kids got to see the sunset from the expressway.


miche said...

such a good boy...i don't think my son is ready for cinema. he is not interested in watching movies yet.

it was a good idea too telling them story about cinema and not to talk loudly as a preparation. i shall remember that when my son is ready. :)

Leh said...

Nice family movie to watch!

Angeline said...

my boys haven't step into a cinema yet... Nicholas is such a lucky boy.
and woah! that's so nice of daddy!

mommy to chumsy said...

oh it is so nice to go out for a movies with the family. glad everyone had a great time. daddy was so nice drive up and down the expressway so that the kids get to watch the sunset :D


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