Friday, March 27, 2009

Messy Art Play

The teacher in the centre has a lot of kind words on Nicholas. She said that he is one of the best child in class. He's very attentive and now very comfortable with everyone. I know the words might be exaggerated, but nonetheless, I'm happy to hear that!

This week, they had a crazy time in the outdoor painting the wall in the back corridor. labour..hahaha.. The children & teachers were painting each other too! The Children were putting paint of hi-5s everywhere! It was so much fun and they had a ball applying paint all over their bodies!

After the session, the teachers "scrubbed" as much as they could to make them look like children again (after awhile, they did look like warriors with war paint). I'm really surprise that Nicholas is willing to have his body "painted" and he even told me that he painted on his friend's body and his friend painted his! My worries were unfounded and unnecessary..boys are boys...the time will come when they no longer a clean-freak ones!

Last week, they take a look at things that are rectangle and the children went around the class looking for things that are rectangular in shape. We also had fun exploring with paint and painted on a rectangle shape paper.


Baby Darren said...

I am really amazed with the updates the school has been sending you. The parents can really have a clear picture of what the children is doing in the school...

Nic seems like enjoying his school very much now....

Angeline said...

So cute, just the 'ahemm' part is covered!!
Hey girl, I really think your effort in finding him THE RIGHT centre did not go to waste! This is really good!

mommy to chumsy said...

hahaha...i've never let ashley go half naked and play with paints like this before. bad mommy eh? Nicholas's school is really very good. You must be so proud of your little one huh? By reading your blog, I could tell that Nicholas is a sensible boy. :)

Pet said...

So much fun for the children! I guess you need to throw away the undies after the session?

Blessed mum said...

Baby Darren - yes. With all the updates, I can understand better what he did in school.

Angeline - thanks. Its really not easy to find such centre..hope they can maintain their "standard"

mommy to chumsy - Oh..its very common here. when my 2 girls were this age, they had this kinda dirty play and they will go half naked. But once they reach N2, they were taught not to.

Pet - hmm...the paint is washable.

4malmal said...

i REALLY like his school! so fun!

Blessed mum said...

4malmal - me too! hahaha


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