Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicholas's school update #10

The centre make it a Sport week last week in view of the coming Olympic Games.

They start the week with an outing to Kidz Amaze. Initially, I didn't sign Nicholas for it as I know he will be too timid to slide and play around like other kids without me around. But the school called just slightly after 9am saying that Nicholas was upset that he couldn't go and when I talked to him over the phone, he was sobbing. So after telling him what to expect, I told the teacher to let him go and I will reimburse them later.

As foreseen, he had fun rolling around and picking balls for the ball cannon but when the teachers gather them to go for the highest slide, he started to panic and shed a few drop of tears. Other then that little hiccups, he enjoyed himself at the SAFRA Jurong!

And on Friday, they had a fantastic "Preschool Olympic Games"! Although the weather was not on their side (it rained ALL day), the little ones still managed to have plenty of "sporting" fun!

The teachers set-up obstacle courses for the children using the tables, chairs, baskets of small balls, medium sized balls, hula hoops and other items that they found within the classroom. The children had a blast participating in the games and we had a special energy fueling snack of fruit and muesli.


Alice Law said...

M girl's montessori had to cancel its sport event twice due to rainy day, your boy's kindie is full of ideas and very educative indeed!

BoeyJoey said...

difficult to predict a child, isn't it? :-). Glad that he enjoyed himself.


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