Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Off to School...Day 3

Today, we got to school earlier than usual so Nicholas hang aroung Ryan's class and played with him. Little boy felt more at ease too today with his brother around and even went to take out the toys and play with his brother, just like what they did at home.

When its lesson time for Nicholas, he left and and I stayed behind with Ryan. Its outdoor play time and today, they get to do watering. He held on tight to me but upon seeing what the rest was doing, he couldn't resist the temptation to play with water and let go of me (finally). So seeing him well distracted, I did the disappearing act, this time for real. I left to do marketing and back after about an hour later. Before I left, I told the teacher that should he cries non-stop, bring him up to Nicholas, hopefully, that will give him some comfort.

When I came back, he was no where to be found. The teacher told me that the teacher helper had brought him up to Nicholas's class. I can hear kids fussing around when I got up to Nicholas's class and when I opened the door, there he was, clinging on to his water-bottle and Nicholas sobbing! Nicholas's friends were gathering around them, not knowing what to do and I can see that Nicholas was very upset too. The teacher said it was "transfer anxiety". So getting Nicholas to comfort Ryan when I'm not around indeed was not a very good idea. I gave Nicholas a big hug and brought Ryan down.

Down in his classroom, I tried to remove his water bottle but Ryan started crying, refusing to let it go. I guessed that has become his source of comfort.

Once he regains his "composure", he was willing to join in the activity again. Today, they have painting with hand print. Another craft for their Christmas art. Ryan was good and didn't fuss around like Nicholas used to but gave a yucky face though. He allows the teacher to paint his palms with the red paint and did his print.

After the story time, they have lunch. He didn't allow anyone to feed him, insisting that he can do it by himself. This is sure one big step he make. Since the start of school, he had also self feed at home too.

After lunch, the teacher only managed to persuade him to allow them to change his nappy but not the clothes. Half the battle won. They played a colour sorting game which requires them to take the red/yellow counters and walk/run to the other end and placed it in the correct colour hula hoop. He did well for this too!

He enjoys it so much and even gave his teacher a high 5!

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