Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Off to school....Day 2

We started out great on his Day 2 in school (with me still hanging around there). They had their usual "circle time" before going outdoor, one activity that Ryan enjoys.

Came back indoor after 15 minutes of outdoor play and he was ok following the indoor activity as well.

completing the Christmas stocking craft

Then they sing & dances. Although he didn't dance with the rest, but I can see that he is observing and occassionally moving a little. Then, was story telling followed by puzzle play. He surprised the teachers with his puzzle "skill". The rest needs assistance while he did it all by himself.

Seeing that he settled so well, I decided to hop upstairs to look for Nicholas while Ryan was having his tea-break. He was doing fine for a while but when he realised that I was gone, he started crying. The assistant teacher tried to console him and tried to distract him with toys but he remains inconsolable.

So she brought him out to play but still didn't help. I came down and took over. Once he spot me, he pointed at me and said "THERE" to the teacher. Once I carried him, the crying stop. What left was only sobbing. Before bringing him indoor, let him play a while outside.

See, his teary eyes...

Back indoor, after the "terrifying" experience, he refuses to let me go out of his sight. He joined in the games after much assurance that I'll be there. After their lunch, more painting for Christmas art by the Chinese teacher.

He still refuses to be changed by the teacher to his fresh clothes. Since it almost time to go, the teacher didn't force him to either. When its time to go, he waves happily to all the teachers and friends goodbye.

At night, he had nightmares and woke up crying and stood up looking for me. When he spotted me, he dashed over to hug me so tightly before dosing off to dreamland again. Poor boy. My short disappearance today must have really traumatised him.

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