Friday, December 10, 2010

Off to school....Day 5 and rest...

Day 5
He didn't sleep well for the past few nights, waking up every now and then crying loudly. Guess he dreamt about being left alone in school.

When we got to the school gate, he hugged me tightly and refused to get in. I have to assured him that mommy will be there. He holds on to me and never let go.

See, hands griping my pants tightly even for outdoor play!

Only after 15 minutes of warming up then he let go of my clothes and went into the small hut to play. When it was time to get back indoor, the teacher went over to him and tried to bribe him out of the hut. Once out, he realised that I'm not within his sight (I was standing at a distant) and got upset and started wailing again. The teacher carried him and tried to distract him with all the passing cars but of no use. Back indoor, (I was outside observing) he was crying and rocking his body forward and backward till his whole face turns red. Then the teacher distract him with "water play" which is washing of hands, which finally helped. His crying became softer and then on and off. Seeing that the teacher was able to cope with him, I went off.

I was told that he didn't cry during the English story time and listened attentively to the story. Same goes for the Music and movement. Though he did not move but he nodded his head once in a while to go with the rhythm. But guess he was too tired and he fell asleep midway through the music time. So the teacher let him sleep and he woke up just after lunch time . He refuses lunch and cries again when it was Chinese story telling time. So the English teacher tried to distract him and brought him to do some colouring, which helps to calm him down.

When he saw me walking through the school gate, he started crying again. This time more like complaining why I left him. Carried him over and he stop right away.

Day 6 & 7

After the weekend break, the whole process starts again. To add on to the headache, the usual English teacher which Ryan was more comfortable with was on leave and Nicholas was on MC at home. So he practically cried till he tired out himself and fell asleep. Day 7 was totally non-stop crying. When I picked him up, he was seen sitting near the door crying while the teacher try to pacify him.

Day 8

The English teacher was back and though the initial separation was teary for him, he soon calm down and able to join in the activities, only crying on and off.

He was happy playing with the teacher and friends when I pick him up today. Hope he settle down poor little guy's voice is now so husky from all the crying! So heart pain!

Day 9

Stayed with him till Ms Prema (his English teacher) arrived and quietly took over from me. He was good the day, no tears and willing to participate in all activities.

Me, holding his hands walking on the stump..
Scooting around is one of his favorite too other than water-play.
This is his English teacher. He got along really well with her.

See him offering the teacher snack....

They got a visit from all the santas (N2 kids)

He finally willing to take his lunch and even asked the teacher for fruits when she saw her holding it! The only time he cried was when he saw me when I arrived to pick him up.

Day 10

Its their water play day. So beside the initial separation cries, he was happy throughout!


quEeNie said...

time flies, so fast Ryan go school already, big boy...

Angeline said...

Improving! Improving dear... hang in there...OH silly me, of cos you know better than me! Super Mommy of four! *smile*


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