Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off to school....Day 4

We are now entering day 4 of Ryan's school life. We started off the day very well with him happily taking his school bag and going off to school.

I stayed with him for a while before leaving. While I was there, they complete the Rudolph craft. He had shown willingness to approach the English teacher too.

When I got back 2 hours later, the teacher said he started crying not long after I left but was better than yesterday. Today, his crying was on-off and was willing to approach the teacher and ask to be carried.

Another little improvement today we seen was that he is ok with the diaper/clothes changing now. He only allows the English teacher to change for him though.

More paint work..

And story telling before we head home.

1 comment:

Alice Phua said...

Awww....Ryan looks so cute and adorable with his backpack and water bottle hanging across his little body. He still looks very baby! *Pat! Pat*


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