Monday, December 6, 2010

Off To School He Goes...Day 1

I had mixed feeling of sending Ryan to school. I'm happy that I know he will learn more things and also, I will have some time to clear my stuff without worries of him being neglected. But the other hand, him being the youngest and the last of our cuties, going to school means he is growing up already and soon, will be like the siblings and no longer a sweetie cutie baby. A stage that I I wished they can be baby stress from school and all the headache associated with adolescent. Wish all I want but I know this wish will never be fulfilled.


We decided to start him in the month of December instead of January so that the teachers have more 1 to 1 time to settle him in as December is non-curriculum month. They only focus on arts and crafts and some story telling.

Anyway, today is Ryan's First day of school. He was excited to be able to finally have a bag for him to carry (he loves carrying Nicholas' bag when we sent Nicholas to school).

Being new to the centre, everything there interest him. His first activities for the day was outdoor play and he enjoys it. There were so many different types of "vehicles" for him to choose from.

He enjoys every moment of the outdoor play.

Back indoor, he goes with the flow but make sure that I was within his sight. His favourite activities were painting, craft and WASHING hands! For the music and movement portion, he prefers to observe but did some actions once in a while.

See, he didn't even mind the paint going on his hands.

Its difficult to get him sit down and listen to the Chinese story, mainly because he didn't understand and also, he wants to explore around.

For lunch, he fed himself with a little help from the teacher.

After lunch, its changing time. Ryan refuses to be changed by the teacher and so I took over. They read a book and did more painting.


miche said...

ryan goes to school already??? my almost 22mo only cant even communicate in sentence yet. smart ryan boy! :)

Blessed mum said...

Hi Miche
Happy CNY! Although Ryan attends school now, he still not willing to talk :(


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