Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sleepness Night

*sigh*.. He's sick again...I'm still keeping my finger crossed that it's not Chicken Pox...

9.30pm...His temperature suddenly shoot up! Took his temperature (through ear)'s 39.1 degree!!! Fed him with his usual Ibuprofen and paracetamol (I had to rotate these 2 medicine every 3 hourly) and his temperature is under control again... Grandma is very worried and try to convince his daddy and me to bring him to hospital..she kept saying that children with high fever will become retarded and this worries daddy. I had a hard time explaining to him what doctor had said...that the fever is a sign of the body fighting the virus and it will not cause the child to be retarded. I used to bring him to our family doctor every time he had a fever and was told by the doctor that we can just give him the medication and bring to him only if the fever doesn't subside after 3 days or if he is lethargic and restless...

He's fine during the day, playing and laughing...His terrible stunts was only reserved for the nights (after 1am when everyone is asleep..) He will cough and then followed by the "Merlion" stunt and this wakes everyone in the house. My maid used to be able to pacify him but this round, he doesn't wants her. He kept crying "mom meee! mom mee!" Although I had to wake up very early tomorrow morning to prepare his eldest sister's birthday party and would gladly leave him to my maid, but hearing him calling me in such a "pertatic" tone, I gather my strength and went into his room to take over from my maid.

Guess talking to him in a soothing manners help and I guess he can somehow feel my calm inside and he soon quiet down...I asked him in a soft tone if I can put him down, he gave me a nod and down he goes...I slept next to him with my hand on him so that whenever he tossed and turned, I quickly patted him back to sleep.

Being mummy is never easy job...

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