Friday, March 28, 2008

Counting My Blessing

Humans are short-sighted species and complain at every little things that befall unto them.

I'm not exempted. Been complaining why I was so unlucky this prince got HFMD and now my 2nd princess got Chicken Pox! Its one of those "hair-pulling" episode and I think I'm getting a nervous breakdown soon (so worried that my prince will get the Chicken Pox from her as he has not been vaccinated yet!)

But after my quiet time today, I realised I have to thank God for all these! Why?

1. I thank God that his is a very mild case as compared to the current HFMD outbreak.

2. I thank God that he recovered in a very short period of time with no complications and scarring.

3. I thank God that my 2nd Princess was given two Chicken Pox's immunisation jab (one by mistake by the School). Due to this, her Chicken Pox is very, very mild and she recovered within 5 days with no scarring too!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my little prince will not get it. But should he caught it, I must remember to thank God that he caught it now and not later in adulthood which could be worst...

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