Friday, March 7, 2008

His Progress @ 18months

Finally, my boy is able to point to the correct body parts when asked to. Think it's a little slow as compared to his 2 sisters but some of my friends consoled me saying that boys tends to be slower than girls. Hope it's true...

He is now "talking" more but daddy still worried a lot about his progress. I'm now on a mission to look for a playgroup for him to attend so as to keep his mind "active". Hope to find one soon...

I still have difficulty reading with/to him *sigh* I only managed to read 1 page those big book to him (so discouraging). Hope to do more with him soon.

Vocab: Ding Dong, naining (raining), Bye bye, Thank tew (thank you) , Mami (Mummy), Loli (Lorry), daddy, parti (party)

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