Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Day At The Gym

Today, I signed him up for an hour at the one of those baby gym just to try out if he is ready for playgroup.

At first, he was very excited and was exploring around by his own. Then, suddenly he started clinging on to me and crying, I was wondering what happen when I realised that a male gym coach was making funny faces at him (the coach is just trying to be friendly with him). He kept pointing at the coach and then patted his chest to indicate that he is scared. *sigh* and this goes on for a good 10 mins and I had to try all means to distract him from looking at the coach.

After some coaxing, he finally stop clinging to me like a Koala bear and started bouncing on the "bouncer". He loves it! He kept jumping and landing on his buttock and laughs. After the "warm up", he started exploring again by himself.

This is the first time I saw him climbing! (hmm...since when my timid little boy become so garang?!) He climbed the vertical bar effortlessly by himself to mummy's surprise! He also walk up the steps by his own without mummy holding....this is a big step for me and him as he had been very timid all this while...He kept climbing up the steps and sliding down until our time is up.

Think boys are boys...once they found their courage, nothing can stop them : )

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Kevin said...

How old is he?


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