Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Bento for Daddy

Japanese beancurd with rice & fish roe toppling;
Soba & Hello Kitty Fish cake; Apples

When daddy open up his bento today in the office, he couldn't help not showing it to his colleague. Told everyone that I woke up in those ungodly hours to make this for him and Rachel.

Actually, I'm quite surprise that he did not complain about today's bento since it filled with carbo (rice fillings and soba) but guessed the generous amount of Fish Roe did the trick. Added some broccoli too so that at least there are some veggie and the apples are the leftover from shaping into Hello Kitty shape for Rachel.

Topped it all off with the Hello Kitty Fish Cake...Thought it doesn't look very man for him but without them, look so plain.


Angeline said...

This look Yummilicious!

little prince said...

Wow!~ u're so nice to prepare nicely deco yummy delicious's bento for ur family~~~

Blessed mum said...

angeline - : )

Little prince - thanks. : )

quEeNie said...

wow..another yummy yummy food

Blessed mum said...

Thanks. Queenie


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