Thursday, July 17, 2008

Incapability and Attitude Problem

Haven't taken a SBS bus for months and today, in just ONE day, I experienced first hand the incapability and service of 2 SBS's driver.

I was on the bus seated comfortably when suddenly the bus JAMMED its brake and the next I heard is "Bang!". The bus I was on had slammed into a lorry, who jammed its brake because of a stupid taxi who cut across to let his passenger alight!

The taxi-driver drove off after checking that his car was alright as the lorry brake just in time to avoid a 3 vehicle collision.

But back on the bus, almost everyone fell off their seat (the seat was those facing each other) and even for a fat woman like me, I glided 3 seats down, luckily, I did not fall off my seat.. (guessed having a heavy bum help) and when we had picked ourselves up from the shocking fall, someone at the rear of the bus called out to the captain telling him that there is an injured person there and requested him to come and take a look/help. The captain grumbled to himself how "suay" he was as he walked toward the injured person. To all the passenger surprise, he just stood there, look and walk back to his seat to communicate with the HQ (I suppose). Every passengers gathers and try to help the poor old lady who was bleeding profusely from her nose. Everyone asked the bus captain to attend to the injured lady first but he just kept on talking to the HQ! Duh

I was seated at the front and so hunted around the bus and found the first aid box, passed it to another gentleman who was attending the lady to try stop the bleeding... (I'm afraid of blood) but the blood just kept tissues were collected and handed to the man. Some called the ambulance and some called the police...and all this while, the captain just sat there grumbling and talking to HQ!!!

When the ambulance finally came, credit goes to them for the super fast "service", all of us got down to wait for the another bus to pick us up. The same bus service came and when we try to flag it down (we are a distant away from nearest bus-stop), he just waved and signalling us to go to the bus-stop! Can't he see something was wrong? Wasn't he supposed to help ferry the passenger? And "our" bus captain was no where at sight to help the stranded passengers to stop the bus for us to board...he was so busy talking to the lorry driver at that point, exchanging particulars and so forth!

Everyone was so mad at how this captain handle the whole situation....where are the priorities? Shouldn't the first thing to do as a bus captain when in such situation, take care of the injured first? When the ambulance comes, shouldn't he help his passenger get onto the "replaced" bus??? Only after all this was done then do all the exchanging of particulars??

So in the end, all of us gave up and walked all the way to the nearest bus-stop...Is this the kind of service our SBS provide?? Ain't the bus captain being trained to handle such situation?
Arrggg Steamed


Juliana RW said...


Thanks for visitin my blog :D

Angeline said...

Sad to say yes! this is the kind of service Singaporeans are giving!
Be it for bus drivers or not, so long as its the service line...I rate it 'fail' after going to other countries....

4MalMal said...

I think u should send this to the Straits Time and another copy to SBS! Anyway the service in France sucks too!

Ling That's Me said...

oh dear ... glad that you are okay

Baby Darren said...

Thank God you are not injured. What a irresponsible bus driver he is..a big sigh!!

KoLe said...

oh dear.
thanks goodness you are ok.
Agree with 4malmal,
shd highlight this to the media!!

Blessed mum said...

Hi juliana - : ) same here. Thanks for visiting mine too.

Hi Angeline - this is really shocking to me..always proud of Singapore's service standard..*sigh*

4malmal - maybe I should hor..but I forgot to take down the number plate! Sh*t! Thought western countries are better than us?!

Hi Ling - thanks..

Hi baby darren - thanks. Yes he is! > (

Hi Kole - thanks.wonder if I can report this without the number plate? hmmm...

Sasha said...

so terrible! but i guess it'll be worst in msia.

Blessed mum said...

Hi Sasha - thanks for visiting.


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