Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bento For Hubby & Me Too

Lately, hubby and I had been skipping lunch very often, not because we are on any diet routine but solely because both of us are too lazy to walk/ drive out to buy our lunch. We only eat if any of our colleague volunteer to buy for us, otherwise, we just give it a miss.

And most of the time, by late afternoon, our tummy would start to embarrassing.Blushy So decided that since I'm preparing bento for my girl, might as well prepare a little more for us to eat during lunch.

So what's for lunch today? Fried pork roll with cheese fillings + animal pasta with capsicum and beef.

This is for hubby.

This is for me

See that cheese flowing out?? drooling already??


Baby Darren said... looked so delicious...make me feel so hungry now...

Shannon's Mummy said...

Hi Blessed Mum, Thanks for visiting my blog and your wishes! :)

Angeline said...

Super yum! I loveeee cheese!

Blessed mum said...

baby darren - thanks : )

shannon's mummy - Your are most welcome!

angeline - We too!

KoLe said...

I *hate* you


Blessed mum said...

Hi Kole - surprise to see you here. Thanks for popping over.

KoLe said...

:) your kids are so charming :)
though I can't access elder sis blog though. dunno why

Blessed mum said...

Kole - Thanks : )

You can't access Rachel's blog? hmmm...*scratch head*...let me try...maybe you can type her blog URL and try.. Its :

KoLe said...

i have been following rachel's blog but i cant seem to get into the younger sis blog.

Blessed mum said...

Kole - Thanks..her sister's blog address is

quEeNie said...

wah..yummy saliva coming out d..opps..hehe

Blessed mum said...

Queenie - quick, grab a tissue : P


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