Monday, July 14, 2008

Be A Responsible Parent

Every now and then, my girl will come home and tell me how pitiful her friend was, how this friend was being scolded by the teacher or how badly this friend did for her work/test. Don't misunderstand, my girl was not teasing or laughing at her friend misery. In fact, she tried to help this friend whenever she finishes her works in School.

This friend of her, I shall name her J, and her 2 twin brothers (they are triplets) are not "intellectual" ready (I'm sorry to say that). According to my girl, the best marks J got for her mid-year exam was 2/100 and its the lowest in School. This had brought some disappointment to the teachers as this had somehow pulled down the aggregate score of the school ...and J never once completed her homework and will always get scolding from the teachers...Once the teacher got so upset with J that she made her stand outside the class!

I felt that as parents, we should know the strengths and limitations of our own kids and not try all ways to get them into a good school when we know they will be unable to catch up with the speed and our kids will become demoralise.

And if we did succeed in bringing them into the school of our choice when they are not at that level, shouldn't it be our responsibility to help our kids to "catch up" with the rest by at least revising the works and spelling list with them and help make sure that the homework is completed?

I'm don't spoon-fed my girls. But I don't throw something they couldn't handle at them without helping or guiding.

I'm not worried about the school's aggregates nor wearing a coloured lenses to look at J. And I know this is none of my business but I just felt so unhappy at the way J's parents handle the whole issue...


Angeline said...

*Gasp!* 2/100!!!
Were they premature babies?
have her parents consider getting her into special schools?
cos' if this continues, it will bring down her morale and may cause her to feel inferior....

CatLover said...

Yeah, I do agree with you. I pity the children but on the other hand, shouldn't the teacher also take initiative to have dialogue with the parents? I think parents and teachers should work hand in hand.

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - I should think so since they are a girl said she had problem controlling her movements...sad to say..some parents cannot accept the fact..

that's what I thought will affect the morale and might worsen her sad.

catlover - We do have individual Parent-Teacher-meeting..I'm not sure if the teacher spoken about it with the parents...sad to say, teachers in those top schools are afraid of "offending" the parents...worried that they might be sued or something...*sigh*


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