Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Went to check out Vivocity on Saturday.

Its our second time there. The first was when it just opened. Back then, it was so crowded! The line of cars leading to the car park was all the way back to Telok Blangah!! Can you imagine that?! It gave me sort of a phobia to visit that place again. And that's why even if it so near our place, I didn't bother to go.

Today, since we got to fetch daddy to Harbourfront, thought might as well we give this giant building a revisit.

Got there and was so happy to see that there was no queue at all. There were also amber parking lots..Yipee! Once we stepped into the building, OMG! Its so big and happening! Thought we popped over to Daiso for some window shopping...but in the end, ended buying a lot of nonsense stuffs.

Then saw this big open space and my 2 girls asked if they could go over to play in the water..saw on some blogging mommies that their kids were splashing in there, so told them why not? I got extra clothes for them anyway. But little did I know that it is against the management rules! Only found out when we were about to leave..

Little Nic, unlike his 2 sisters, was not very keen to get into the water. He doesn't like the prickly grass and the sandy water....but the temptation of water proved to BIG for him. However, we still need to carry him from the grass patch to the water.

See his caution but happy look...he was tip-toeing for a while in the water before he finally get use to the sandy prickly feeling of it.

A little boy came to join in the fun and he even gave my boy a big hug! See how attractive my boy is? (thick skin hor?) *blush* Blushy

A flower for Mommy!

Then, its his turn to get attracted to a Japanese girl...followed this little jiejie every where and copied every things she does.


Big Bright Head said...

Hi, first time here. Came form malmal comment cave... he he

Blessed mum said...

big bright head - hi thanks for coming over.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh...looks like fun. i've read about this place from other mommies blogs too. it's been so long since i've been to spore :( must really make a trip there one day :)

Angeline said...

*laugh* we have been there 2x but never let them play in the water, 'cos both times weren't planned, so no shirts for them to change...

your little nicholas IS very much like my little one, people-magnet!

Blessed mum said...

mommy to chumsy - Its really big and full of activities!

angeline - hahaha..lol..thanks.


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