Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Crying Session Over Hair Cut

After dinner, daddy offered to do something to ease my pressure (I was coaching my 2 girls on their school work). Was really grateful that he moves his butt to help. But he got no idea what to do with his little prince and asked me for my opinion if to bring his boy down for a walk or go for the long overdue hair cut.

Told him not to bring little boy for hair cut as I will do it when I got the time since my dear prince still have the phobia from the previous round. Whenever we asked him if he wants to cut his hair, he will shout "No!" very clearly to make his stand clear.

So after half an hour, received a phone call and all I can hear is my poor boy screaming at the top of his lungs crying...the more I try to pacify him over the phone, the louder he cry. Knowing that the more he hear my voice, the more he would cry, so I hanged up the phone and waited for his grand entrance.

Once back, took him over from daddy and consoled him. It took him a good 10minutes to finally calm down. Scolded daddy for not listening to me.

Before bedtime when he was washing up, he looked into the mirror at his new hair style and admired it. Though he doesn't like having his hair cut, but he does agree that it nice.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh he looks so cute and handsome in the new hairstyle. i really don't understand why some kids are so afraid of having their hair cut by the saloon eh? Mine still give me a loud NO when i ask her if she wants to have a haircut :S

U.Lee said...

Hi, your kid sure looks worried, but thats a nice haircut.
You know, maybe you should try cut his hair yourself? Lots of our friends here, the mothers do it.
They buy those hair cut kits and potong thru trial and the tears as well money.
One lady friend infact became very good, she now trims or cuts her hubby and grown up son's hair....saves quite a bit of money too.
You have a great week and keep well, best regards, Lee.

miche said...

aaawwww....his looks so pitiful with all that puffy eyes. but i agree that he does look more handsome with this new hair big kor kor d. :D

HN said...

Aiyoyo, your boy looks so handsome even though with a sad face :)A nice hair cut!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So kesian nicholas. In the last photo, he looks like wanted to cry already..

My Lovely 'A' said...

Is a nice hair cut indeed.

Blessed mum said...

mommy to chumsy - thanks. just like my boy, he gave a loud "NO" too when asked, but daddy seems to have selective hearing on that..

U.lee - Thanks. I cut my girls' hair too but dare not do it for him..think I don't know much about boy hair styling..but that's a good suggestion. I might do it the next time, but pls don't laugh when u see the result ;P

miche - pic taken after he had cried for almost half an hour, so the puffy eyes.

hn - gagaga..thanks for your compliments!

Sarah's daddy & mommy - yeah..he was still sobbing when I took the pic..very long winded..

my lovely'a' - thanks for visiting my boy's blog and thanks for the compliment : )

Baby Darren said...

oh poor boy...cried so bad... he did look more handsome with the new haircut.

Darren hates haircut too. We never force him into it. I just cut his hair myself while letting him play water at the porch. Save me money and his stress in dealing with haircut.

Blessed mum said...

baby darren - think that's what I'm gonna do when his hair grows long again...but pls don't laugh at my skill ;P

4MalMal said...

he looks sooo handsome! Mal never let pp cut his hair when he was young so I have since learned to cut his hair myself, especially when we are overseas.

Angeline said...

Oh husband! Are they all like that!?

KoLe said...

His teary eyes cant hide his 'handsomeness'!!

Wonderful Life said...

Hmm... after the hair cut i think he looks more like his daddy already!

Blessed mum said...

4malmal - thank you! I shall pick up this skill from now on : )

angeline - *sigh*

kole - thank you! u so kind *muaks*

wonderful life - daddy purposely ask for the same hairstyle, that's why, they look more alike. ;P

quEeNie said...

pity Nicholas..can see from d pics dat he cried badly

Blessed mum said...

Queenie - yes. he couldn't stop sobbing even after bathing him..


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