Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Bump Tag

Got this tag from Ling.

Post a picture of yourself when you were pregnant. Tell us something about that picture or some memories of being pregnant.


1. Copy from start through end.
2. Add your blog to the list.
3. Tag your friends. You don’t need to be tagged in order to join. Feel free to join the fun.
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5. Come back regularly to update your master list! You never know. This might help improve your ranking!

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Took this picture when I was about 38 weeks pregnant with my eldest girl. Being first time mommy, the contraction was unbearable even though I was only 1cm dilated! The torture went on from 2am in the morning till 7am and after 5 hours of contractions, I was only 2cm dilated!!! Rest of the birth story is here.

As for my second pregnancy, totally forgot to take any pictures of me with my big bump. For the memorable I wanted so much to try for natural birth, gynae put me through a series of tests (CTG to check if my heart is strong enough; X-ray to see if my pervic bone is wide enough...) as she doesn't want to risk me rupturing my uterus as it would mean deadly for both mom and baby. Obediently went through all these but still didn't get to do it the natural way. Here's why.
This was taken on the day of delivery before heading to the hospital at week 36. Cool erh..? still can take pictures. His birth story is here.

I would love to see the beautiful bumps of LZmommy ;P


Ling That's Me said...

thanks for doing the tag :)

renet13 said...

sori ler..dont rmember having any photos of me being pregnant but breatsfeeding ones a lot. BTW I covered my eyes for privacy sake as the photo was very obvious. Malu lah!(Shy). U have nice pregnant photos.U oso nt showing ur face,? He He!

U.Lee said...

Hi Blessed mom, so when is next one coming?
You know, the day when my son was born, I bought three local papers, got them wrapped in plastic then put into a cardboard cylinder, and on his 2st birthday presented to him, "this was the day you were born".

He sure laughed reading the papers...
You keep well Blessed mom, Lee.

CatLover said...

The myth of neat tummy carrying a boy was really a myth..your tummy was neat for both pregnancies. Think people would not notice that you are pregnant if see you from your back.

Contentedmom said...

Hi there blessed mom, so glad to chance upon your blog...a Singapore based blog...

how do you manage to balance betw work and 3 kids?...I decided to give up my career and just focus on my kids...

do pop over to visit me...cheers

Angeline said...


you know I didn't take any photos during pregnancy, not once!

Contentedmom said...

i actually went to the studio to have several taken... me super vainpot :)

Mommy to Chumsy said... look slim during your pregnancy :D, i looked like a penguin.

LZmommy said...

Wish I am as slim as you when you were pregnantthat.... But haiz.. I know I will never be like that now that I am pregnant again.

Thanks for the tag :) But this will have to wait coz I don't think I hv any pics of myself pregnant leh.. ;)

Blessed mum said...

Ling - You are most welcome!

renet13 - thanks. Paisei to show face..mhy face was so chubbyyyy

uncle lee - that's a very nice thought! Hope he still keep those newspaper..

catlover - really?! Thanks. pple can still tell backside so big leh!

contentedmom - thanks for visiting..hmm..think woman are quite capable of multi-tasking, don't you think so? So, can we see yours too?

Angeline - took it as a remembrance of my fatty time!

mommy to chumsy - u are kidding! I look like an elephant!

Lzmommy - I will wait, its won't be long before your tummy shows. ;P


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