Saturday, August 9, 2008

On Our Way Home...

After "disappearing" from my boy's life for 2 weeks, I was really glad to know that he still recognise me. Sound silly, right? I always have this phobia that with him still so young and if he didn't see me for a long stretch of time, he will forgot how mommy looks like. So you can guessed how happy I was when I saw him running towards me once I stepped out of the departure gate! He gave a a BIG HUG on my legs as mommy me was a little slow to react (that is to drop the luggage and bend down to hug him).

During the car ride back, he cradled like a baby in my arms (ok, I know its against the law, but i really missed him very much) and occasionally tries to interrupt his 2 jiejies conversation with me.

Like when Rachel mentioned the word "Hamster", my dear boy sprang up and said "mama, hamster" with his big round eyes trying to express the excitement of having a pet at home (Grandma bought them the hamster when I was away).

When I asked if the 2 girls missed me, my boy quickly said "I missed mommy!" and he didn't even paused! Its comes out so smoothly from him! can imagine how many kisses I planted on his chubby cheek that very moment!


CatLover said...

Welcome back ! Missed you too..haha..i am expecting some stories from Bangkok yeah! If not souvenirs also can..haha..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oooo....i am sure your children missed you too and so glad to have their mommy home again :D

Blessed mum said...

catlover - hahaha..missed u too, u been MIA for so long! No story from BKK, souvenirs, no problem!

mommy to chumsy - nothings beats being with your own children.

Angeline said...

aiyo! go for more trips lah.....*laugh* just joking!

Blessed mum said...

angeline - crossing my fingers on that.


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