Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nicholas's School Year-End Concert

Today is my big boy 3rd year dancing on stage for his school year-end concert. He knew the day is here and was dragging it. In the morning when I dropped him off in school, he was still grumbling that he doesn't like concert. So I was carrying little hope that he will dance up there tonight but still, I "beg" him to please danced for mommy to see. He promised he will and HE DID!!!!

He had come a long way to reach this stage! From standing there like statue for his 1st year concert to shaking a little and waving his hands every now and then for his 2nd stage performance to now, a FULL BLOWN dancer!! He danced so well then both hubby and I couldn't help cheering him on! I was so proud of him overcoming the stage fear! When his dance ended, both of us shouted "Well Done, Nicholas!"

Don't think anyone can recognize him. He is in black, on the left and in between the 2 girls for the above video and the first boy on the right of the stage (next to the boy in white) for the second video.

Pictures of him dancing.... This mummy is so PROUD of him!

After the concert, we drove over to the hawker to have a light meal and Nicholas again shown me that he is really a big boy now, all ready for Kindergarten! He told me he wanted Ribena and I told he to go get it from the stall which is a table away. He actually went and asked the auntie "Auntie, can I have Ribena?" The auntie was smiling at him and handed him his drink.

And I dared not claim any credit for his achievement. I really have to thank his school's teachers for their persistence "brain-washing" and encouragement. I'm really thank God in helping me finding such wonderful centre.

One thing the centre need to improve on is their dance. Compared this with my girls' kindie concert was way below par. But actually, I'm quite fine with it cos it means less time on preparing the kids for "marketing" but more time teaching them on other issue.

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