Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Up He Goes!

Today is the 13th day counting down from the first day his er jie first chicken pox symptom appear. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he will be EXCUSED this round. I heard from my sister that those who do not have the jab will have the whole body covered with the dots. I can't imagine that happening to him...

His fever has subsided and he is back to his active self again. He kind of "lost" his voice due to too much crying and coughing....poor baby

It's his dinner time and I told him to go to his walker first...and this is what he did!

Finally got his butt on the walker's tray...

Okay. I'm ready mum! Where's my food?
I didn't expect him to climb into his walker. What I meant as for him to bring his walker to me so I can carry him in. With him doing this kinda stunts, guess I need to put this walker away when no one is watching or accidents may happen...


Baby Darren said...

wowww....what a's not easy to climb inside the walker. He is really smart...but really got to be careful coz it may caused accident.

p/s: thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! It's really time for you to put away the walker.

When Kayton was demonstrating his stunt on his walker one day, out of the blue, i was nearly scare silly by him!! That was also the last day he ever saw his walker!!

Your boy have a strong face....he's gonna be a tough boy when he grows up. No one can bully him!!

Hope he is feeling better by now and that he had recovered his "lost" voice.

Take care, Mummy, Take care, Nicholas Boy!

Blessed mum said...

Thanks everyone!

Baby Darren don't think he is smart just very garang now..: P

KMHope he is as tough as he look...he is the weakest among my 3 kids : )


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