Monday, July 5, 2010

"First" Zoo Trip for Ryan

The girls had no school today (Youth day) and we arranged to meet up with my sister's family to visit the zoo, a place we hadn't been for quite a while. The girls did their work in the morning while Ryan took his early nap and we left for the zoo (without daddy & Nicholas) after lunch.

I considered this trip Ryan's first as those previous zoo excursion was done when he was a baby, with no idea of what's going on around him. Its also our first time getting the "stroller" and he certainly ok sitting in it. In fact, he enjoys sitting in there! *phew* which is a good thing otherwise, I'll be so tired carrying him throughout if he doesn't co-operate.

See, he look so cute on the zoo's pram!

After some walking and exploring for the older kids, we took the complimentary tram ride to our main destination - The Rainforest Kidzworld. Ryan was curious to see the horses but at the same time, a little scared, which is understandable given the size of the animal compared to him.

He was great with the goat though, even trying to touch them, until....

the goat bleats, which gave him a shock! He cried a little but soon got over it and back to see more of them but, this time, holding Rachel's hand tightly, getting ready to hug her for protection.

Then we watch the show as usual. Its our first time watching the revamped performance.

After the show, Rachel brought him to touch the doggies, which he gamely did.

Then, its SPLASH time! Only then did I realised that I forgot to packed his swimwear, so he just had to make do with his pamper.

Enjoying the water. He wasn't afraid of the splashing sound from the "Big" bucket unlike Nicholas, who will run away whenever he hears the "ding ding" sound getting faster, which meant it's going to topple over soon.

Picture of him watching the bucket toppled over...

We stayed there till closing time and head back home. Ryan fell asleep almost immediately when we placed him in his car seat.

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Alice Law said...

LOL! What a coincident?!! We are having our vacation in Singopore and we are planning to visit the zoo today, hope it's a sunny day.

Yesterday we went to Jurong bird park, we had an awesome experience and enjoyed the amphitheatre show very much!^-^

Have a nice day!
p/s: I bet Ryan had a wonderful moment in the zoo!


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