Friday, July 23, 2010

Nicholas's school update #9

This week, they expand the vehicles topic to construction equipment. Again, another topics which never failed to catch my boy's 100% attention.

They talked about the bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, forklift, cherry picker and crane and shared the following information with the children:
  • Bulldozers have a large blade that is used to push large quantities of soil, sand, etc
  • Dump trucks are used to transport loose materials for construction.
  • Excavators are used for digging holes and trenches and to scoop as well.
  • Forklift trucks can lift heavy things such as boxes and crates amongst other things.
  • Cherry picker trucks are used in mining, construction, exterior painting, etc.
  • Cranes are lifting machines. It can lift and lower materials and move them as well.

They also did an activity that focused on identifying and arranging items according to sizes (in ascending order), a matching game (matching logical pairs/uppercase and lowercase letters) and a string painting activity. The children created a variety of designs using lengths of twine that they dipped in several different colors of paint.

In addition to that, they have also been practicing their balancing skills on the wooden stumps and attempting to stand on one foot without falling over!

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Alice Law said...

It's my girl's favourite topic too, all the contructive trucks and machinery!


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