Friday, July 16, 2010

Nicholas's school update #8

For this week, the children were introduced to emergency rescue vehicles such as ambulance, police car, fire truck, tow truck and aero medical helicopter also known as an air ambulance. Notice their topics are mostly surrounding transport/ vehicles? The school uses "interest-teaching" style. The kids in his group really into transportation and that explained why their topic is always surrounding this area.

They did a math activity involving missing numbers and the children tried their best to fill in the blanks in the number sequence. The children were given a number line and number cards to assist them with the activities.

They made laminated name sheets that includes faint grey outlines of the kids names and a blank box for them to write as well. The children were given the option to choose a picture of their favorite emergency vehicle that they could color in then it was cut into pieces to form a puzzle that they had to put together. It was a challenging task but we managed to do it! A handful of children needed some minimal assistance to complete the puzzle but most of them could do it independently.
Fixing the puzzle

The children had a surprise during the middle of week. The school had gotten a new trampoline! It's awesome and the kids love bouncing on it!

On the Chinese part, the teacher with the help of picture cards explained to the children the usage of the water-vehicles. Next she get the kids to come out explained to the class what they had understand about the vehicles. I personally loves this! This is a very good way to know if the kids really understand what had been taught and also, to speak up in front of their friends, it really takes lots of courage!

And to wrap up the high-energy week, the kids made peanut butter and banana sandwiches to supplement all the energy they dispensed!
Cutting up the banana

Enjoying their fruits of labour

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