Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nicholas Goes for Swimming Lesson

During one of those days where hubby brought the kiddos out for their exercise, he saw a coach giving swimming lesson and went over to check out price. His price is around the market rate and locality is ok for me. The only draw-back was the timing. It crashes with Nicholas's school Chinese revision lesson but that was the only slot available for his standard and so, we make the decision of him skipping the revision class.

Anyway, I arranged a trial class for Nicholas and he was excited about the class when I told him in the morning before dropping him off at school.

When I picked him up from school, he was so excited that the first question he asked me when he saw me was "Mommy, are we going for swimming lesson now?!" And when I replied yes to him, he immediately told his teacher with excitement.

He, although still the timid boy, but had plucked up encourage to greet people if I gave him amble notice. So when he met the coach, he greeted him loud and clear "Hello, Uncle David!" which deserves my immediate praising for him for being a good and brave boy.

I had told the coach that my boy might look brave which in actual fact was not. The coach was very nice and patience in teaching him and he enjoys the lesson. Oh forgot to mention that the class size is small, only 3 boys including him. Nicholas had no problem making friends with them.

The coach started with getting him used to water...making friends with water. He asked him to blow bubbles and also taught him the 2 basic kicks - Flutter and Frog kick.

See, my boy dares not put his whole head into the water.

After half the lesson, my boy join the other 2 boys in their swimming to and fro the pool with the help of a swimming board.

I asked Nicholas if he likes the coach after the lesson and if he wants to continue to learn from him and he said "Yes!" And so, this marks the beginning of his swimming lesson.

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Baby Darren said...

It's good to start them young on swimming lesson. At least the fear will not be as great as they grow older. I also intend to start Darren on swimming but it has been raining lately and I am still considering when to start.


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